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Using ChatGPT to build an Indoor Grow Space (Part 1)

Can ChatGPT teach someone how to grow a cannabis plant indoors from scratch? Well today we're going to try, starting with having the AI chat bot recommend us everything we need to create a grow space for a single plant, and in the next parts we will cover what it tells us to do week by week to keep the plant alive.

Products ChatGPT Recommended:

Vivosun 2x2x4 Grow Tent:

Viparspectra XS1000 Grow Light:

AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Inline Fan:

iPower Carbon Filter:

3 Gallon Planter Pot:

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil:

General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrients:

General Hydroponics pH Test Kit:

Govee Thermometer/Hygrometer:

BN-Link Digital Timer:

Vivosun Trellis Netting:

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