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The Flowering Stage + Harvest in a DWC System (Part 4)

Part 4 of the DWC grow log, where we cover some of the issues that might come up during the flowering stage as well as how to process a cannabis plant once it is ready for harvest.

Part 1 - Setting Up DWC Indoor Grow Space:

Part 2 - The Seedling Stage:

Part 3 - The Vegetative Stage:

Part 4 - The Flowering Stage + Harvest

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Trim Tray:

2-Part Hydroponic Nutrients:

Rockwool Cubes:

pH Meter:

Seedling Mat:

Pressure Sprayer:

4 Bucket DWC Kit:

2x4 Grow Tent:

2x4 Grow Light & Controller:

Inline Fan Kit:

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