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Test Grow with a Hybrid Hydropoinc Ebb & Flow System

Doing a test grow with the AirCube kit, a unique ebb and flow (flood and drain) style hydroponic system that pairs with fabric pots to allow for any grow medium to be used. I'm pairing it with coco coir in this grow log, since that is the most obvious choice, and the results are... kind of mixed, although now that I have a better understanding of how this system works, I'm able to make some adjustments to ensure better results the next time I try it out.

All Items Used in this Grow:

5'x5' Gorilla Grow Tent: (Save 5% with HEMPHIGH5)

Grow Tent Gear Board: (Save 5% with HEMPHIGH5)

Kind X2 LED Grow Light: (Save 5% with HEMPHIGH5)

AirCube Grow System - (Save 5% with HEMPHIGH5)

6" Exhaust Combo: (Save 10% with code HEMPINAPOT)

Clip Fan: (Save 10% with code HEMPINAPOT)

Coco Coir Block:

Grow Fertilizer:

Bloom Fertilizer:

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