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Tiny Cabinet Stealth Grow - Surprising Results!

A seed to harvest grow log in a tiny Ikea Hallan cabinet that I converted into a small grow space ( This is the first time I tested out surrounding the plant with lighting vs just providing top lighting, and the harvest was way better then I expected.

Cabinet Build:

Ikea Hallan Cabinet:

Ionbeam Grow Light Bars: (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off)

Airtitan Vent Fan: (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off)

Controller 69 Pro: (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off)

Range Hood Carbon Filter:

Magnetic Clip Fan:

Wyze v3 Camera:

Magnetic Tape:

Cable Gromet:

Grow Tools:

3 Gallon Square Fabric Pot:

Coco Coir + Perlite:

Grow + Bloom Fertilizers:

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