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Halloween Special: The Buds That Were Never There

"For me, there are no answers, only questions, and I am grateful that the questions go on and on."

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Still not sure WTF you just saw? Well for those wondering, this was one of my first grows and I made a ton of mistakes throughout the grow cycle because of my inexperienced with heavy sativa strains.

I should have started the grow indoors due to the heat waves as the heat definitely caused a lot of the weird growth, but another part of it is that the plant was also fed too much nutrients throughout its growth cycle as sativas require far less nutrients then hybrids and indicas - this probably lead to the lack of trichome and bud development due to a nitrogen toxicity in the flowering stage. Also for heavy sativa strains a 12 hour night cycle sometimes is not long enough as some require 13-14 hours of darkness to start to flower, which is most likely why it didn't flower in the grow tent on a 12/12 cycle. Finally heavy sativa strains could take 4 months to flower which in my climate isn't possible without the use of a greenhouse as it was getting too cold at night causing the plant to wither in the end - if I read up on the strain earlier I would have placed it in the greenhouse to flower but at this point the greenhouse was already full and there was almost no trichome development still 3 months into flower so I just cut my losses and took this as a learning experience, but at least it made for a fun story.

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