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DWC Partial Harvest Indoor Timelapse Grow Log

A time lapse video and guide of a Cheese strain seed grow from seed to harvest, grown in a deep water culture hydroponic setup enclosed in a 3'x3'x6' grow tent. Once the plant was ready for harvest we used the partial harvest technique to maximize the yields from the bottom half of the plant, which, for indoor setups, is typically found wanting due to a lack of lighting.

Items I Used For This Grow:

3'x3'x6' Grow Tent:

Carbon Filter:

Quiet 4' Inline Fan:

LED Grow Light (Fills a 3'x3'x6' Tent):

FloraSeries Hydroponic Nutrients:

Bucket Net Mesh Lid:

Air Pump & Air Stone:

Hydroton Clay Pebbles:

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