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Aeroponic & Deep Water Culture Timelapse Grow

A time lapse video and guide of a Cheese strain grow from clone to harvest, grown in an aeroponic setup that then was converted to a deep water culture hydroponic setup once the roots reached the water reservoir.

Items I Used For This Grow:

3'x3'x6' Grow Tent:

Carbon Filter:

Quiet 4' Inline Fan:

LED Grow Light (Fills a 3'x3'x6' Tent):

FloraSeries Hydroponic Nutrients:

Bucket Net Mesh Lid:

Hydroton Clay Pebbles:

Pruning Snip:

Aeroponic Items:

90 Degree Micro Sprayer:

Water Pump:

1/2 in Tubing:

DWC Items:

Air Pump & Air Stone:

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