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Are you new to growing and looking for where to start? Check out The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis web guide to learn everything you'll need to know to have a successful first grow.

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​Complete Guides

Here you will find The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis web guide, a step by step tutorial for anyone looking to start growing. The most comprehensive audiovisual guide available online, we go over all of the basics you need to know to have a successful first grow all for free!

Other guides will be available in the near future.

Videos & Tutorials

Weekly videos that cover all things cannabis - from seed to harvest to processing to consumption,

Grow Cannabis 101 covers my time lapse grow logs - great for seeing a grow in action and learning from the mistakes I make,

Cannabis Horticulture 201 covers the grow process in more details one topic at a time.

Cannabis Processing & Technology covers methods to process a cannabis plant and the tools needed to do so.

Weed In A Pan covers the different ways to consume cannabis.


Supplies contain the list to all of the supplies that I recommend. From popular to budget options anything that I've had a good experience with will be listed here.

Online Store

Want even more content? Looking for a way to support the site? Then check out The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis on DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand and in print. With exclusive content not found anywhere else, if you like our video and written guides you'll love the more in-depth content provided by the book and video series.

We also have merch as well, so you can show your support in style with our branded t-shirts and hoodies!

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