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New Innovations & Smart Tools for the Indoor Cannabis Grower

A quick look at some of my favorite new tech products for the indoor grower that I've been testing out recently. There is a wide range of stuff covered here, with some of these tools for the cost-conscious residential growers and some that are more expensive for the large scale commercial growers, so no matter what kind of grower you are, there might be something here to help improve your grow space!

Lights: Vivosun VS4300 (4'x4'): Volt Grow VL-1 (4'x4', 4'x3', 3'x3'): Mars Hydro FC3000 (3'x3'): MIGRO ARAY 2 (2'x2'): Atreum Lighting HYDRA-1000 (2'x2'): myLumii MGL-01+ (2'x2'):

Sensors: AC Infinity Controller 67: (works with any of their inline fans) Pulse One: Tetraponics FLORATek 3:

Misc Products: 0:30 Soil Blocker: 1:00 USB Air Pump: 1:30 UV-B Light Bulb: 4:30 Topsy Turvy Planter: 6:30 Grow Tent w/ Controller Plate: 8:50 Water Circulation Pump:

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