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Building a Fully Automated DIY Grow Cabinet

A quick guide on how I put together a simple steel grow cabinet that has all of the features a typical high end grow tent build would include. The cabinet also takes up significantly less space and can be placed in any room without standing out, but is powerful enough to easily grow a single decent sized plant.

Ikea Hallan Cabinet: ikea.com/us/en/p/haellan-cabinet-white-40363621/ Ionbeam Grow Light Bars: acinfinity.com/led-supplemental-lighting/ (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off) Airtitan Vent Fan: acinfinity.com/hvac-home-ventilation/exhaust-fans/crawl-space-basement-fans/airtitan-s3-crawlspace-fan-with-speed-controller-6-inch/ (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off) Controller 69 Pro: acinfinity.com/hydroponics-growers/controllers/smart-uis-controllers/controller-69-pro-independent-programs-for-four-devices-dynamic-vpd-temperature-humidity-scheduling-cycles-levels-control-data-app-bluetooth-wifi/ (Use WEEDINAPOT for 10% off) Range Hood Carbon Filter: amzn.to/3X1gBFw Magnetic Clip Fan: amzn.to/3NVf4g7 Wyze v3 Camera: amzn.to/3NVZFvH Magnetic Tape: amzn.to/3ticUNX Cable Gromet: amzn.to/3G6bpdu

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