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Building a Budget Super Soil Mix

How to put together a simple version of the classic Subcool super soil mix for cheap with ingredients that are easy to find anywhere online and will work great for providing all the nutrients a plant needs from the vegetative stage all the way to harvest.

Worm Castings:


All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (Highly Recommended):

Single Ingredient Organic Fertilizers:

10lb Coco Coir Block:

Perlite #3 (4 cu. ft):

30-Gallon Storage Tote:

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on building your own organic soil mixes.

Part 1: Building an Inert Potting Mix -

Part 2: Building an Organic Seed Starting Mix -

Part 3: Building an Organic Potting Soil -

Part 4: Building an Organic Super Soil

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