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My Favorite Indoor Grow Accessories for 2021

A quick overview over my recommendations for the grow accessories I use the most often (planter pots, potting mixes, fertilizers) as well as a couple other grow products that I've really enjoyed using this year.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil:

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix:

CocoTek Coco Block:

MaxiGro Plant Food:

MaxiBloom Plant Food:

Flora Series Liquid Fertilizer:

Down to Earth 4-4-4 Organic Fertilizer:

Down to Earth 4-8-4 Organic Fertilizer:

Dr. Earth All Purpose Fertilizer:

Dr. Earth Bud & Bloom Booster:

AC Infinity Heavy Duty Fabric Pot:

Vivosun Square Grow Bag:

Fiskars Micro-Tip Shears:

Pruning Shear with Cleaning Kit:

Super Green Lab Ninja Grow Bundle:

SuperCloset Grow Cabinet:

AC Infinity Controller 67:

Pulse One Environmental Sensor:

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer:

Acurite Hygrometer & Thermometer:

Niwa Grow Hub:

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