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Additional Tools

Magnifying Cannabis​

Inspecting the trichome development of your buds is an important part of the grow process, and to do so you'll need one of the many magnification tools such as a:

Jewelers Loupe

Digital Microscope

Cell Phone Micro Lens Attachment

Drying & Curing Cannabis

Drying cannabis can be as simple as hanging the stems on a clothes hanger or string, although certain tools such as a:

Drip Hanger

Net Drying Rack

Are cheap and easy ways to simplify the process. As for storage and curing, nothing beats the traditional method of:

16oz Mason Jars

32oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars

And for additional piece of mind you can either tape a small:

Mini Hygrometer

To the jars to monitor the curing and storage process or for a pain free cure just add a:

Boveda Humidity Control 62% Pack

To each jar and it'll automate the cure process.

Plant Supports & Ties

There are a number of ways to support and manipulate plant growth, with the most common options being:

Plant Yoyos

Plant Cages

Plant Twist Ties

Trellis Nets

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