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Grow Tents & Accessories

Grow Tents

While the size of the grow tent will determine how many plants you can grow at once, there are lots of features a grow tent can have that might or might not be useful for your situation. The location of the intank and exhaust holes, air vents, viewing windows, spill trays, all of these should be researched before deciding on a for your grow space.

2x2x4 Grow Tent - fits 1 plant comfortably and a 300w Equivalent (136w Actual) LED

3x3x6 Grow Tent - fits 4 plants comfortably and a 900w Equivalent (418w Actual) LED

4x4x6 Grow Tent - fits 6 plants comfortably and 2x 600w Equivalent (269w Actual) LED 

While not technically a grow tent space buckets will require 4-5:

5 Gallon Buckets

Which is typically cheaper to buy locally at any hardware store. 


Going over the biggest one first we have the exhaust fan and optional air carbon filter. While there is a science to how much air should be moved for the plants to be healthy generally any tent 3'x3'x6' and smaller can get by with a:

4" Exhaust Fan & Carbon Filter

And any tent 5'x5'x6' and smaller can get by with a:

6" Exhaust Fan & Carbon Filter

Now moving down the list you'll need both a basic:

Clip Fan

To create airflow in the grow space and a:

Digital Hygrometer

To keep track of the temperature & humidity of the grow space. Optionally:

Adjustable Rope Clip Hangers

Are very useful for not just hanging an exhaust fan & carbon filter in place - but also hanging the grow light while making it a breeze to adjust the height of the light when needed. Speaking of lights, a simple:

Mechanical Timer

Is a necessity for maintaining a consistent light schedule, and finally a:

Surge Protector

is needed to link it all together.

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