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Planting & Watering Tools

Planting Tools

So starting first with seed starters options we have:

Rapid Rooters
Jiffy Peat Pellets 
Rockwool Cubes
Peat Pots

Then for pots I highly recommend using:

Fabric Pots

Although clay pots are fine as well especially for very hot and cold climates since they insulate the plant better and are easily found everywhere. Just skip the plastic pots as they cost the same as fabric pots and are the worst type to get.

If starting with clones then I highly recommend getting a:

Basic Humidity Dome

Humidity Dome / Light Combo

To get the highest success rate for clones. Finally for those wondering the greenhouse I utilize is very similar to this:

6'x6' Green House

Although mines was cheaper and lower in quality.

Watering Tools

When watering issues arise there are 2 ways to check what might be the problem. First for pH issues you'll need both a:

pH Meter

pH Uo & Down

To test and adjust the pH of the water if needed. Be sure to never use both pH Up and Down in the same batch of water - if you accidentally add too much of one just toss it out and try again. The second way to check the water is with a:

TDS Meter

To check the PPM of the water. As for how to water any:

Watering can with a showerhead nozzle

To fan out the water is a great option to not harm your plant especially when its a seedling and can double as a place to mix in liquid fertilizers. For simple automatic watering options there are:

Self Watering Stakes

Water Globes

Both of which can keep a plant alive for a few days out of town.

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