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Air & Water Pumps

Most hydroponic setups start with one of two things: providing air to submerged roots or providing water to exposed roots. To provide air underwater you will need an:

Air Pump & Air Stone Combo

For moving water a water pump will be needed, with a small and basic:

80 GPH Submersible Water Pump

Strong enough for most drip applications. For a stronger steady flow of water you will want to go with a larger:

800 GPH Submersible Water Pump

Which is great for ebb and flow systems.

Soil-less Grow Mediums

The type of hydroponic system you want to run will determine the soil-less grow medium you should use. For the grow mediums that are the most similar to soil, we have:

Coco Coir and Peat Moss

Which both need to be stored in a pot and can then be hand watered or automatically watered with a drip / ebb & flow system. For a larger sized grow medium that works with net pots:

Hydroton Clay Pebbles

Work well in both supporting the roots and keeping its shape over a long period of time. For an all-in-one solution:

Rockwool Cubes

Come in a variety of sizes and one or two cubes can be used to house a plant for the entire grow cycle.


Buckets, Net Pots, and Net Lids

Even without soil the roots of a plant still need to be protected, and the easiest way to do so is with a basic 3-5 gallon bucket. To hold the plant in place above the bucket, a hole will need to cut into the bucket lid with a:

2-inch or 3-inch Hole Saw

So that a:

2-inch or 3-inch Net Pot

Can be dropped in and filled with hydroton. A simpler solution would be to just buy a:


Bucket Basket Lid

Which is a bucket lid that has a net pot built into it.

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