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Outdoor Enclosures & Accessories

Outdoor Enclosures

While most an outdoor enclosure can be easily put together with some PVC pipes and clear plastic sheets - a full featured:

Basic Plastic Greenhouse

Is so cheap that unless you want to make a custom setup then this is your best option for a seasonal grow. For those looking for a more permanent solution the:

6'x6'x7' Polycarbonate Greenhouse

That I personally use has lasted me for multiple seasons and is still as sturdy as ever while able to hold multiple accessories and attachments,


Accessories To Adjust The Enviorment

Speaking of accessories, the options to cool down an outdoor enclosure can be as simple as draping over a:

Shade Cloth

And utilizing a large:

Oscillating Fan

Which should be in every enclosure anyways due to the lack of wind caused by enclosing a plant. But if the heat is too extreme either an:

Evaporative Air Cooler

Which work great in low humidity grow spaces or a:

Portable Air Conditioner

Which is the most effective but also the most expensive solution will work. As to heating up a grow space, a great and cheap options is to wrap the enclosure with:

Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap

That work amazingly well at insulating any outdoor enclosure. Of course for extreme cold a:

Small Space Heater

Is a simpler solution. Finally For humidity issues placing either a:



In the enclosure will do the trick for high and low humidity issues, and of course you'll need a:

Outdoor Temperature And Humidity Monitor

To keep track of the temperature & humidity of the grow space.

Other Optional Accessories

Looking to grow off season? A cheap and easy way to keep the plants in the vegetative stage is to use a basic:

Low Watt LED Plant Grow Light

To extend plant's light cycle per day. Note that these are not powerful enough to add much growth to the plants - to do this you'll need to utilized a more powerful grow light like those used for indoor setups.

Outdoors also allowed for a few different bug control methods that aren't available or as effective indoors:

Live Ladybugs

Bug Netting

Both can add an additional layer of protection against harmful bugs without utilizing any sprays - just note that covering a plant with bug netting will slightly lower the amount of light a plant gets and ladybugs will leave your grow space if there are no other bugs to eat.

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