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Seed to Harvest Part 3: Early Flower & Understanding VPD

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Part 3 of a 4 part grow log series where we break down an entire grow month by month, from setting up the initial grow space all the way to harvest. Today we'll be showing the first month of the flowering stage, from the stretching of the plants to the initial development of the buds, as well as providing a basic explanation on how vapor-pressure deficit (VPD) works.

List of Products Used:

SolarXtreme® 500: (15% off with WIAP15)

4x4 Grow Tent: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

Controller 69 Pro: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

UIS Control Plug: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

4" Air Filtration Kit: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

Oscillation Clip Fan: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

Plant Humidifier: (10% off with WEEDINAPOT)

Security Camera:

Fabric Pots:

Grow & Bloom Fertilizers:

Potting Mix:

Plant Yoyo:

Trim Bin:

Trim Bag: (15% off with INAPOT)

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